An Efficient Host-to-Host Available Bandwidth Estimation Scheme

A.O. Oluwatope, G.A. Aderounmu (Nigeria), F.J. Ogwu (Botswana), and O. Obembe (Nigeria)


Bandwidth, Available Bandwidth, HosttoHost and Estimation Error


This paper takes an initiative from TOPP and SLoPS and its essence is to reduce the number of probing and error inherent in estimating the available bandwidth along a network path. This paper aims at proposing an algorithm for estimating available bandwidth with shorter measurement latency. Available bandwidth is a time dependent variable that takes time to measure if using active probing – intrusive; that might fail to capture the instantaneous available bandwidth. Our method that is iterative generates new probing rates by proportionally decreasing an initial probing rate as a function of backlogged delays as a result of extra traffics along the path. The proposed algorithm, when implemented in ns2 under same simulation setup in TOPP; produced the available bandwidth estimate at about 30% of the number of iterations required for TOPP with a relative estimation error of 5% against 9% in TOPP.

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