Modelling of Tunable Vibration Absorber

J. Vondrich and E. Thondel (Czech Republic)


modelling, Matlab, Simulink, tunable absorber, machine system


The Department of Mechanics and Materials Science in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University Prague has been dealing with the application of Matlab and Simulink for numerical solutions of vibrating systems for several years. The vibrating systems, which are mostly systems of more degrees of freedom, are usually compiled from a driving engine or driven motor, gearbox, mechanisms, kinematics bonds, elastic and damping parts, control elements and driven parts. All those systems can be made to vibrate when excited by an oscillating force from e.g. unbalanced rotors and mechanisms, crank gear of engine or oscillation moving driven parts. A model of the vibrating system with a tunable absorber the damping vibration of this system will illustrate the construction of the physical and mathematical model and will use Matlab and Simulink for the numerical solution.

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