Stochastic Structures of Graded Size in Manpower Planning Systems

V.S.S. Yadavalli, K. Setlhare (South Africa), and N. Forcheh (Botswana)


Wastages, manpower planning systems, structure, probability distribution, and graded sizes


In this paper, an attempt is made to analyse the impact of category and grade dependent promotion probabilities on the grade structure of hierarchical manpower systems. To be specific, we consider a multi-grade manpower system in which each lower grade is subdivided into several categories according to length of service in that grade. The last category of each lower grade consists of persons who have completed a specified period of service in that grade and do not get promotion. An employee in a lower grade is eligible for promotion to the most junior category of the next higher grade and the probability of promotion is dependent on the grade and category of the employee. Un-promoted employee of the category of a lower grade will move to the next higher category of the grade in the next unit of time until he reaches the last category of the grade from where he is either promoted or leaves the system. The unit of time may be taken as a year. The movement to the system are allowed in the lowest category of the lowest grade. Wastages are allowed from any category of any grade and no demotions take place.

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