Analysis of Systems with Variable Parameters and Robust Control Design

K. Yanev (Botswana)


Robust, variable parameters, stability regions, system


Control systems must yield performance that is robust or insensitive to parameter variations. In the process of design of a robust control system, it is important to determine the regions of stability, corresponding to the variation of a specific system parameter. The purpose of this paper is to apply the method of the D-partitioning [1], in order to analyze the effects of parameter variations on system’s stability. The method employs the possibility to define regions of stability in the space of the system’s parameters. One of the contributions of this research is to simplify and graphically determine the regions of stability for variation of a specific system parameter. Further to this analysis, the paper contributes in suggesting a strategy of design of a robust control system. Preference is given to the design of a robust controller, since robustness with the conventional feedback configuration is achieved only with a very high loop gain, normally detrimental to stability. A real-life control system is subjected to analysis and design of a robust control is considered.

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