The Application of the Helical Transformation to a 7-DOF Manipulator

I. Juárez Campos (Mexico)


Robot modelling, robot kinematics, robot design, helical transformation.


The paper shows the application of the helical transformation which provides the different postures that a novel mechanical architecture, concerning a robot manipulator, has to take in order to transfer a work piece during a pick-and-place operation. It is well known that there are common mechanical architectures that are capable of transporting a piece through different geometric spatial curves, including a spiral-shaped path. This paper takes in account a novel mechanical structure that has been designed according to that transformation; it means that this manipulator is perfectly capable to transfer pieces from an initial posture to a final one through a spiral-shaped path. As opposed to those common mechanical arrangements, the novel architecture presents this advantage. For the case concerning this 7-degree-of freedom manipulator, the proof of it is the quantity of joints undergoing motion, remaining lesser than that of the common architectures.

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