Vehicle Roof Structure Design Evaluation under Rollover Impact Conditions

K. Friedman, D. Mihora, and J. Hutchinson (USA)


FEA, impact, simulation, rollover, crash, reconstruction, FMVSS 216, roof deformation, shell buckling, roadway friction, intrusion velocity.


This study examines the ability to evaluate vehicle roof structure designs under rollover impact conditions using finite element modeling. Observed roof performance during rollover impact is evaluated and design alternatives and their effect on intrusion velocity in the vertical direction under rollover impact is analyzed. A finite element model of a vehicle structure was created; conditions creating deformation observed in a rollover impact event were analyzed. The model was validated based on test and observational data. Under the same impact conditions the intrusion velocity of the roof structure was evaluated for the baseline and alternative designs. It was found that a low cost alternative design could reduce the observed intrusion velocities.

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