Autonomous Motion Planning in Global Dynamic Environment using FDTD Method

A.M. Hussein and A.K. Hamid (UAE)


Maxwell equations, FTDT, Yee Algorithm, Robotics, Mo tion Planning, Obstacle Avoidance


This paper presents a new formulation of the artificial po tential approach to the motion planning problem for a mo bile robot in a dynamic global environment. To model the potential field, Maxwell’s equations are used. The pro posed model is extendable to 3D, the time dimension is modeled by default which means it is a suitable model for time-varying environments, and most important it elimi nates the ”flat-regions” problem. In this work, a pulse of fixed value at a source point generates the potential electric field. The generated electric field is used to find a free path between a start and goal points. Simulation results reflect the validity and the potentials of the proposed model.

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