Micromanipulation System with Stereoscopic Imaging

H. Hötzendorfer, M. Ferros, (Spain) I. Giouroudi, and W. Brenner (Austria)


Micromanipulation, Visual Feedback, Stereovision, Image Processing, Micropositioning.


This paper reports the design of a micromanipulation sys tem with stereoscopic imaging for handling and assembly in microtechnology. The system consists of the Kleindiek Micromanipulator MM3A, a mobile stage, a microgrip per, an electromagnetic microactuator, a stereoscopic mi croscope in combination with a CCD camera, 2 additional external CCD cameras and a computer. The microgripper is mounted on the micromanipulator, which has 3 degrees of freedom (two rotational axes, one linear axis), subnanome ter resolution and a wide working range (240◦ in the rota tional axes, 12 mm in linear axis). However, the microma nipulator does not possess positional encoders; therefore a feedback of the current position of the manipulator’s axes is not available. Hence, the control unit of the manipulator allows only stepwise manual control of the micromanipu lator. Due to this fact, this study mainly focused on the de velopment of automated control of the micromanipulator. Visual feedback was chosen to provide position informa tion of the manipulator’s axes and a PC based control has been implemented by connecting the control unit to the PC by serial port. Moreover, since the microgripper is electro magnetically driven it is easier to control the displacement of the tips as well as the gripping force by controlling the applied current.

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