Robotic Forceps Manipulator for Laparoscopic Surgery using Double-Screw-Drive Mechanism

C. Ishii and K. Kobayashi (Japan)


Minimally invasive surgery, MultiDOF robotic forceps manipulator, DoubleScrewDrive mechanism


This paper proposes a novel laparoscopic forceps manipulator for minimally invasive surgery using the mechanism that we call double-screw-drive (DSD) mechanism. DSD mechanism is a link driven mechanism which enables omni-directional bending motion by rotating two linkages consisted of right-handed screw, left-handed screw and universal joint. The opening and closing motions of a gripper is also attained by rotating another linkage. Therefore, DSD mechanism realizes bending and gripping motions without using wires. The developed multi-DOF robotic forceps manipulator has a high rigidity and its bending range is large enough, which is 90 degrees in any direction.

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