A Remote Control Platform for Collaborative Robots

G.G. de Rivera, R. Ribalda, and J. Garrido (Spain)


Mobile Robot, XML/RPC, Web Service, Wireless 1.


This paper describes a complete hardware-software system designed for controlling a set of collaborative robots. The software architecture is specially designed for users without special skills on hardware design or computer communications. The hardware structure is based on a mobile robot equipped with sensors and actuators as well as different communication interfaces, which allow the collaboration between different agents. The system provides a standard to introduce, in an easy way new hardware devices. The software design includes as much drivers as necessary to handle sensors and actuators. The system can be programmed using different programming languages, using XML-RPC as a language independent remote call standard. All data transport is TCP-IP based, therefore the system is accessible from a conventional Internet link. Some experiments are performed in order to detect the programming languages that better fit in the architecture. It was found that PHP reduce more than three times the time of inter-processing call in comparison with C language, and more that seven times in comparison with C-Sharp language (MONO implementation).

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