Multi-Robot Cooperation Strategies in a Searching Task with Limited Communication

Y. Meng, J.V. Nickerson, and J. Gan (USA)


Multirobot system, cooperation strategies, limited communication, and searching task.


Multi-robot cooperation is critical for the efficiency of a searching task. It is assumed that explicit communications between robots are always reliable. However, the limited power, low radio range, and an ever changing environment make the explicitly communicate attenuate. In this paper, several integration strategies are proposed to coordinate a team of robots under limited communication. In addition, implicit communication through vision sensors is proposed to speed up the recovery of the broken explicit communication. Simulation results with Player/Gazebo simulator show that the proposed multi-robot coordination approaches are feasible, robust, and efficient in a searching task. The proposed strategies can be extended to a large-scale searching environment as well as to a combination of humans and robots.

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