Strategy and Features of New Methodology of Digital Modulation for Power Electronic Converters

V. Oleschuk (Moldova), F. Profumo, A. Tenconi, R. Bojoi (Italy), and A.M. Stankovic (USA)


Modulation strategy, inverter, electric drive Fig. 2 and Fig. 3 illustrate conventional (classical) approach for consideration of different continuous and discontinuous versions of space vector PWM in the undermodulation control mode [6]. In accordance with standard space-vector approach, which is possibly the best among all the pulsewidth modulation techniques for variable-frequency drive applications, the time domain modulation signals are translated to the complex reference voltage v


This paper presents brief description of peculiarities of novel methodology of synchronized pulsewidth modulation (PWM), which has been recently elaborated for control of power electronic converters for adjustable speed motor drives. Comprehensive comparison of standard and proposed PWM methods has been done. Basic aspects of practical relevance of novel methodology of digital modulation have been described. Fig. 1. Basic structure of three-phase voltage source inverter with induction motor IM as a load, and its output voltage vectors.

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