Calculating the Potential of Biomass for a Sustainable Energetic Use

S. König and J. Sachau (Luxembourg)


521135 Renewable Energy Sources, Sustainability, Biomass Potential, Spatial Planning


Wind as well as solar power is dependent on sporadical energy inputs. In case of renewable energy sources only the biomass could achieve continuous high level energy [1]. To find out about the optimum type and location of biomass energy facilities it is a requirement to know the biomass potential for an energetic use within a region. The contribution of this paper is an all-embracing framework to calculate this potential useable worldwide. Accordingly, there are no real calculations because of regional differences but elements which have to be considered within these calculations. The calculation differs in every region. Not only our environmental awareness but also the European Policy [2] urges us to embed the Sustainability in every planning context [3]. Previous works will be collected and evaluated briefly. On this basis the short termed biomass potential structure is pointed out sustainable and added by a new possibility to calculate the natural growth of biomass from a certain region by the usage of Geographical Information Systems. The long termed biomass potential is based on this calculation and points out several scenarios and the calculation of the highest probability in order to show the possibilities for the regional spatial planning.

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