A Pole Cancellation Strategy for Stabilising a 3KW Solar Power Platform

J.T. Agee (Botswana), M. de Lazzer (France), and K. Yanev (Botswana)


Solar power, PoleZero Cancellation, and Notch Filter Controller


The paper investigates the dynamic performance of a locally designed 3KW solar power platform. A poorly damped dominant pole-pair (damping factor 0.0121) was found located near the origin of the s-plane of the transfer function of the open-loop platform system: causing overshoots of up to 96% and a long settling time of 105 seconds. A zero-pole cancelling controller was designed to replace these poorly-damped open-loop poles with a more stable dominant pole-pair. The controller improved the damping to 0.71, reduced the settling time to 2 seconds and the overshoot to 4.3%.

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