Floating Solar Chimney Power Stations with Thermal Storage

C.D. Papageorgiou (Greece)


Due to greenhouse effect the air is warmed in the solar collector. The warm air is moving from the periphery of the solar collector to its center towards the entrance of the solar chimney, in order to ‘’escape’’ to upper layers of atmosphere due to buoyancy. This moving stream of warm air leaves part of its thermodynamic energy to the air turbines that are geared with appropriate induction electric generators. The shrouded axial air turbines are placed in the path of airflow, with horizo


• A tall, air up drafting, lighter than air cylinder in the center of solar collector with internal diameter d and height H (The floating solar chimney).A floating solar chimney power station (FSCPS) has three major components: • A set of air turbines geared to appropriate induction electric generators around the bottom of the solar chimney (The Turbogenerators). • A circular solar collector • A floating solar chimney in the center of the solar collector An indicative diagram for a STPS is shown in fig.1.• A set of air turbines geared to electric generators around the bottom of the solar chimney The efficiency of the FSCPSs is roughly proportional to the height of their floating solar chimneys. The floating solar chimneys (FSCs) are made by successive balloon tubes, that are filled with He or NH3. This permits to the FSCs to float in the air and thus to have heights a few Kms. In the present paper the effect on the FSCPS’s operation of the thermal storage, due to ground or water in plastic bags or closed plastic tubes, is examined. It is shown that the FSCPSs equipped with thermal storage can operate 24 hours per day 365 days per year with a minimum guaranteed power production. This means that the FSCPSs, although renewable by nature, have a similar operation to conventional power stations. Large FSCPSs (above 20 MW) can be very cost competitive to any conventional power station due to their low construction, maintenance and operation costs. AIR IN H d Dc SOLAR ENERGY with irradiance G AIR IN (To,Po) AIR OUT (T4,P4) 02 03 03te 04 01' Air Turbines and Electro Fig. 1

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