New Speed Control Characteristics for the Power Smoothing of a Doubly-Fed Wind Generator

F. Vallée, J. Lobry, and O. Deblecker (Belgium)


Modelling and Simulation of Power Systems, Wind Energy, Systems Services, Doublyfed Generator, Renewable Energy Sources, Power Smoothing


Wind is, by definition, a highly variable energy source. Consequently, the risk to obtain a fluctuating active power at the output of a wind generator is a reality for which it will be imperative to find a solution. Indeed, in order to avoid possible line overloading and to guarantee a sufficient security for the electrical supply, it is convenient to imagine new solutions in agreement with the requirements of the actual networks and especially to study the wind generator ability to provide system services like voltage or frequency control. In this paper, new speed control characteristics are presented which lead to a better smoothing of the power recovered at the output of the generator.

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