Enhancement of Transient Stability using Fault Current Limiter and Braking Resistor

M. Yagami, Y. Hiratsuka, and J. Tamura (Japan)


Fault current limiter, thyristor controlled braking resistor, transient stability, turbine shaft torsional oscillation


This paper presents the results of analyses about transient stability enhancement using both devices-the fault current limiter and the braking resistor. Following a major disturbance in power system, the fault current limiter operates for limiting of the fault current and enhancement of the transient stability, and then the thyristor controlled braking resistor operates with the objective of fast control of generator disturbances. This paper also presents the results of analyses of the effectiveness of both devices on suppression of the turbine shaft torsional oscillations. These analyses are performed using EMTP/ATP. The simulation results indicate a significant transient stability enhancement and damping shaft torsional oscillations.

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