A Novel Wavelet based Load Sharing Algorithm for Fuel Cell and Ultra-Capacitor based Hybrid Vehicular Power System

M. Uzunoglu and M.S. Alam (USA)


521-806 Fuel cell, hybrid system, power management, ultra capacitor, vehicular application, wavelet


A fuel cell (FC) and ultra-capacitor (UC) based hybrid power system using a well-designed power flow control strategy can result in better energy efficiency and reduced cost of fuel cell power technology. The most critical attribute of a power control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is the sharing of power demand between available power sources. The load demand profile of HEV is a non-stationary fluctuating signal and consisting of transients. Recently, wavelet transforms have been used for analyzing and evaluating such signals for dynamic systems. This paper focuses on the development of a novel wavelet-based load sharing algorithm for FC/UC hybrid vehicular power system in order to ensure efficient power flow control strategy.

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