An Analysis of the South East Europe Electricity Market

G. Majstrovic, M. Tot, and I. Medic (Croatia)


Power Market Regulation, Security of Supply, SE Europe


South East European (SEE) power system has never been connected in unified parallel operation until October 2004. Untill 1995 Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland (CENTREL) as well as Romania and Bulgaria were not part of the UCTE grid. Due to war damages in the region in 1991, Serbian, Montenegrin, part of Bosnian, FYR Macedonian, Albanian and Greek power systems, in addition to Romanian and Bulgarian, were separated from UCTE and in island operation (2nd synchronous UCTE zone). In October 2004 UCTE reconnection was done and power system conditions in SEE dramatically changed. At the same time power utilities in the region enter deregulation and privatization process. Due to post-socialistic collapse of industrial consumption, SEE is characterized by surplus of installed generation capacities. Relatively cheap electricity from SEE became a great market opportunity. In that sense it is interesting to analyze creation of the energy market in SEE region. The paper gives an overview of electricity market in the region and it discusses advantages/disadvantages of regional market, gives some results of the long term generation and transmission development planning study for the SEE region (GIS study) and analyse influence on regional security of supply.

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