Electric Distribution Systems and Embedded Generation Capacity

V. Calderaro, V. Galdi, A. Piccolo, and P. Siano (Italy)


Distributed power generation, Genetic algorithms, Network reconfiguration, Power distribution planning.


The increasing Distributed Generation (DG) capacity in future distribution networks will involve more complex control systems and a shift towards active network management. Distribution System Operators (DSOs) will, therefore, forced to change their role into an active one. On these basis, a reconfiguration methodology based on a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed in order to assist DSOs in planning and managing DG connections and in maximizing DG penetration and renewable sources exploitation. The methodology, tested on a 70-bus system with DG units, confirmed its effectiveness in increasing the overall DG penetration allowing, thus to exploit network capability, while limiting power losses under a benchmark value.

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