Tracing based Congestion Management and Impact of TCPS in Competitive Power Market using MINLP

A. Kumar and S. Chanana (India)


Thyristor controlled phase shifter, Transmission congestion management, contribution factors.


Congestion management has emerged as an important challenge for the efficient, fair and secure operation of the competitive power markets. The selection of generators to reschedule their output for effective management of congestion is a crucial task for the system operator (SO). In this paper, a real power flow tracing based approach has been applied for selecting the most appropriate generators to reschedule their real power output based on their real power flow contribution on the congested line. The impact of Thyristor Controlled Phase Shifter (TCPS) has been investigated and their optimal placement has been obtained using mixed integer non-linear programming approach for reducing the transmission congestion cost in the system. The study has been carried for pool and mix of pool with bilateral and multilateral transactions and their impact on congestion cost. The study has been carried out on 39-bus New England system.

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