Application of Finite-Element Sensitivities to Power Cable Thermal Field Analysis

M.S. Al-Saud, M.A. El-Kady, and R.D. Findlay (Canada)


521-126 Underground cables, ampacity, finite-element, thermal field.


In this paper, the authors describe a new approach to cable thermal field and ampacity computations using a proposed concept of perturbed finite-element analysis. The proposed model provides a fast sensitivity methodology, based on the finite element model, to assess the cable thermal performance subjected to variations in the cable thermal circuit parameters. The sensitivity information is useful not only in determining the important and non-important parameter variations in term of their relative effect on the cable temperature and ampacity, but also in evaluating the cable amapacity subject to various parameter changes in vary fast and compact scheme. An application of six directly buried cables is presented to show the applicability of the derived model in actual practical systems.

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