A Refined Fuzzy-grey Approach to Predict Gas Breakdown

Y.-C. Wu and W.-F. Chang (Taiwan)


Grey system theory, fuzzy theory, gas breakdown, prediction YuChi Wu, WeiFu Chang #1 LienDa, MiaoLi Taiwan, R.O.C. Department of Electrical Engineering, National United University ycwu@nuu.edu.tw wfchang@nuu.edu.tw


To study the characteristics of the gas breakdown is essential and of importance in designing the protection of high voltage system as well as to the power system reliability. In this paper, we propose a refined mathematical approach based on grey and fuzzy methods to predict the gas breakdown. The proposed approach is also compared with other fuzzy-grey methods. With the help of simple data normalization processing and a linear fuzzy membership function in determining the proper value of the identification coefficient, the average relative error of the presented approach is 6.55%, which outperforms the other existing fuzzy-grey based methods.

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