Experimental Investigation of the Fusion Process in Thin Wire Elements under High Current Densities

C.S. Psomopoulos, D. Diamadopoulos, T. Gontias, C. Karras, E. Papastylianou, and P. Karagiannopoulos (Greece)


521-098 Fusible wires, fuse operation, pre-arcing and arcing period, total fusion time.


The physicochemical process during the operation of fusible wires under high currents densities presents a complicity and seems not to be completely known. In this paper, measurements better than before through fast digital oscilloscopes connected with PC are presented and the observed phenomena are investigated. Measurements of the total time duration (prearcing and arcing periods of fusion) of the fusion process for different current densities and lengths of the thin wire elements are presented and analysed. The presented measurements are compared with existing ones (taken with the use of A/D converters) and the differences are evaluated.

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