Electic and Magnetic Field Measurements in an Outdoor Electric Power Substation

A.S. Safigianni and C.G. Tsompanidou (Greece)


electric and magnetic field measurements, extremely low frequencies, outdoor electric power substation, safe public and occupational exposure. 521025


This paper examines the electric and magnetic field in an outdoor electric power substation 150/20 kV. First, the results of previous relevant research studies, as well as the reference levels for safe general public and occupational exposure, given by the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), are presented. Next, basic data for the examined substation along with a brief description of the field measurement instruments used are given. The results of the field measurements in the area of the above mentioned substation, accompanied by relevant tables and diagrams follow. Final conclusions concerning safe public and occupational exposure to these fields are set out.

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