Remote Guest Critics in the Studio Environment

D. Bender (USA)


Webbased Education, ELearning, Studio, Critique


Web-based conferencing provides innovative ways for architects and designers to communicate. It also provides increased instructional flexibility and access to expertise unavailable in traditional studio environments. Currently, few design programs utilize the full potential of web based conferencing [1], though interest is continuing to grow [2]. Classroom expertise can now be extended beyond the campus walls by involving remote guest critics. These practicing professionals provide insight to students asynchronously and synchronously, without the time and expense of travelling to the university [3]. This exposes students to different cultures, enlarges their point of view, and enables them to learn new approaches to design thinking [4]. Three options for involving remote guest critics will be presented. First, the critic can create an independent asynchronous critique uploaded to a course website. Second, the critic can participate in a conference call with other critics for an audio-only discussion. The third option involves a synchronous desktop videoconference call, which most closely replicates an in class critique. This presentation will address the challenges of integrating remote guest critics into studio education and how web-based conferencing can help educators to be on the cutting-edge of innovative e learning initiatives.

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