A WBT System Enabling to Create New or Similar Quizzes Collaboratively by Students

M. Takagi and Y. Teshigawara (Japan)


Quiz Creation by Students, CSCL, Online Test, WBT, Collaborative Learning


E-Learning systems which support lectures have been introduced rapidly in recent years. As one of their tools, on-line test tools are quite effective. However, in order to use the on-line test tool, a teacher is generally required a great deal of labor. For example, a teacher needs to create quizzes and input them in the on-line test tool. In order to solve this problem, we have studied the method which enables proactive learning as well as reducing the load required for a teacher to create quizzes. In addition, in face-to-face lectures where teachers tend to teach unilaterally, it is important to promote interactions among students and between the teacher and students. This should be done in order to improve student’s comprehension level and learning motivation. Based on these backgrounds, we developed a WBT system which can create quizzes by students and review them interactively. Our developed system can create not only new quizzes but also similar quizzes. Moreover, it provides the online test tool selecting a quiz from a similar quiz’s group at random. From the results of practical use of our system in our university, we could show that our system had the potential to reduce the load required for a teacher to create quizzes. Furthermore, we could show effectiveness of the online test tool using similar quizzes.

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