An Experience Curve based e-Learning System

H.-I. Liu and C. Huang (Taiwan)


Experience curve, elearning system.


E-learning system introduces the possibilities of individuality and personalization. These features differ greatly from traditional pedagogy where the one-size-fits-all teaching objectives and schedules are always implemented. Due to different learning abilities of individual learners, it is extremely difficult in practice for teachers to prepare different kinds of teaching materials and procedures in any traditional teaching systems. In this study, we propose a dynamically adaptive E-learning system based on experience curve, named Experience Curve based E-Learning (ECELS) system. The proposed ECELS system guarantees the quality of learning by providing adaptable content to suit the needs of individual learners with different learning abilities. The system implementation is displayed in two facets: one is the prediction and analysis of individual learning abilities and the other is the adaptability of teaching materials.

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