Design and Implementation of an Assessment Database for Mathematics Education

S. Al-shomrani and P. Wang (USA)


Assessment, DMAD, Online Testing, and Mathematics Education.


Assessing student performance and understanding is important in education generally and in Mathematics education in particular. DMAD (Distributed Mathematics Assessment Database) is an experimental Web and Internet based system to help assessment tasks that can be of great value to teachers and students of Mathematics. DMAD consists of local databases at individual school websites. Each local database collects assessment questions contributed by teachers in a particular school to be used and perhaps shared with others. DMAD is designed to work as one distributed database while providing power and convenience at each participating school. The system helps create, revise, administer, and grade exams that can contain various types of questions. Questions use a well-designed representation allowing correct answers, rubrics, formulas, multimedia as well as interactive content. DMAD supports two types of testing: online and paper testing. Tests taken online can be graded automatically and stored for teacher review and analysis. Because DMAD has been designed in consultation with middle school teachers and education experts, it provides features to support real-life test giving such as loss of power to a laptop and retaking of tests. DMAD is an open system implemented with standard Web/Internet technologies and easily interoperates with other online systems.

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