Developing and Implementing Curriculum to Teach the Creative Use of Technology – A Case Study

J. Olby (Singapore)


Technology, creativity, curriculum development, arts


This paper examines the application of high-end technology inside and outside the classroom in a Problem Based Learning environment using the creation of the Digital Media Arts module for the School of Technology for the Arts (STA) as a case study. The module was created to solve the problem of introducing the students to a creative technological environment without using precious curriculum time to teach them to use software and hardware that will almost certainly be out of date by the time that they graduate. To achieve this, the eclectic staff body of STA pooled resources to create a module where the central focus is on the telling of well-known stories, utilizing different technologies to tell the stories in different ways. The desire to stay away from technological instruction created its own challenges – including whether our students would have any knowledge of the technology and the fact that the hardware represented by their laptops would be unable to cope with the processing demands. These were overcome by using the STA student club, Generator, as a means of making the latest technology available to the students for their own use with a mixture of self-instruction and out of-curriculum courses.

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