Kid Architecture: A New Teaching Pedagogy and Classroom Curriculum

M. Brazley and J. Davey (USA)


Intervention, teaching pedagogy, classroom curriculum, and imaginative education.


The Kid Architecture instructional approach combines theoretical foundations in a cohesive manner to increase student cognitive skills and knowledge. The purpose of this research is to develop, obtain and assess preliminary data of potential efficacy of a mathematics intervention for remedial middle school students. The contributions of this research include a new teaching pedagogy and classroom curriculum. The instructional method will help improve: middle school, remedial, and minority students’ cognitive skills, knowledge and achievement test scores. This research may prove to be the alternate method of instruction that many middle school students require. Kid Architecture is content specific but middle school math teachers will be shown that the instruction is generalizable over small groups and real world learning contextual environments. Both student and teacher will increase their cognitive skills and knowledge. Students will be evaluated in changes of cognitive behavior in terms of standardized measures and scales. The intervention is designed to increase cognitive skills and math knowledge. The curriculum connects course work to real-world issues and mentors that are culturally pertinent to students. This research uses architecture as an intervention to open doors to imaginative education: connecting theory to practice.

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