Online Learning: Bright Spots for Students with Learning Disabilities

M. Shonfeld and I. Ronen (Israel)


Learning Disabilities (LD), Online learning, Preservice students, WBI, Web based learning


The aim of the study was to find the pros and cons of an online course for pre-service teachers with LD (Learning Disabilities). In light of the importance of online learning as a teaching tool, a three year study was planned to face the challenge of adapting an online course to LD students. The course, "Science Education", is part of the teachers training program for k-2 pre-service teachers. The online course focuses on constructing a science teaching unit and is based mainly on learning scientific concepts, fostering lab skills through relevant experiments, and finally practicing it in school. This study carefully reports on a slight but explicitly constant edge of LD students' achievements in comparison to `Regular` students.

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