MEML: Supporting Structured, Interoperable and Dynamic Web-based Mathematics Education

X. Zou and P.S. Wang (USA)


MeML, Customization, Interoperability, Webbased Mathematics Education,


The Mathematics Education Markup Language (MeML) is central to WME, a Web-based Mathematics Education system under development at Kent State University. With MeML, modules, lessons, manipulatives and tools become well structured, dynamic, easily interoperable, and customizable at different levels. A server-side MeML processor has been designed and implemented (in PHP) to dynamically translate MeML pages into regular Web pages for delivery to standard browsers. MeML and the server-side processor combine to support a WME model site designed to deliver classroom-ready modules and lessons to individual schools. Support is also provided to access Mathematics Education Services that can add power and functionality to lessons.

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