Deriving Sub-Courses from CPS Packages by Metadata Taxonomy Filtering

M. Sonntag and J.R. Mühlbacher (Austria)


Instructional technology, Learning objects, Metadata, Taxonomy filtering


Creating learning objects (LO) is expensive, so reuse is very important. One possibility is dividing larger packages into small LO, allowing reuse through new assembly. However, this always requires some “glue” between the individual LO to create a new coherent, complete, and larger one. Another possibility is creating a single larger course and deriving various smaller or specific versions from it automatically. These are then complete, or at least much easier to finish, and even matching in look and feel. Although not universally suitable, often for instance a general overview or a detailed sub-topic can be extracted. The only necessity for this is annotation of smaller parts according to an arbitrary taxonomy. According to this taxonomy the LO is then filtered to produce a subset con taining only specifically annotated elements. This paper describes a tool for deriving such subsets through convert ing taxonomy annotations into XML, allowing the use of XPath expressions for filtering.

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