Investigating Course Management Systems: Are they all the Same?

L. Presby (USA)


Webbased Education, online courses, course management system, Angel


Educational institutions are looking for ways to reach students in a better manner, in the face of increased competition, shifting demographics and tighter budgets. Offering online courses is one of the ways this problem has been approached. As the internet has become integral to our everyday lives, web-based educational course management systems have become more common and more sophisticated. Blackboard, Webct, and ANGEL are three popular ones. The focal point of them is to aid instructors develop important learning experiences and improve learning outcomes They help to promote communication among and between students, support curriculum, assessments and surveys, facilitate team learning and group effort and feedback . This paper will help instructors and instructional designers who are considering course management systems. Results of the study show how one system provides users with superior results.

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