A Role-Weighted Capacity Assignment Scheme in Bluetooth Scatternet

C.-M. Lin, C.-R. Dow, S.-P. Lin, and J.-C. Chiu (Taiwan)


Wireless Communication, Bluetooth, Scatternet, Capacity Assignment, Bridge


Bluetooth Systems are a novel wireless communication technology, its devices found everywhere. A Bluetooth scatternet consists of three roles, including master, slave, and bridge. However, the master and bridge nodes are the bottleneck of data traffic flows. In addition, how to evaluate the formation of scatternet is an important issue. Although Zussman and Segall have provided a solution for capacity assignment problems in Bluetooth scatternets, they don’t consider the factor of role affected the performance of Bluetooth scatternet. It was found that undiscriminating problems exist in their proposed solution. In this paper, we will propose a novel weight based capacity assignment scheme to solve this problem. Furthermore, our scheme provides a fully solution for capacity assignment to prevent the undiscriminating problem is better than the scheme proposed by Zussman and Segall. Our scheme can help us to verify the scatternet formation is better or worse more accurately.

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