Rapid Scatternet Topology Establishment of Bluetooth-Enabled Gateway

C.-M. Lin, C.-R. Dow, C.-C. Lai, and J.-C. Chiu (Taiwan)


Bluetooth, Scatternet Formation, Design Pattern, ObjectOrient Programming


A Bluetooth-enable gateway in a wireless sensor network accounts for establishing a scatternet to collect the information from sensors or sinks. Many algorithms of scatternet formation had been proposed but they do not provide an object oriented framework for constructing a scatternet due to standardized specification is still in the lack. This paper proposed an application framework named RBT Framework to rapidly facilitate the building of a Bluetooth scatternet formation. While RBT Framework is based on our proposed BlueTree++ algorithm, the technology of design pattern is used to increase the reusability as well as the quality of the code, and to reduce the effort of development of software systems. Furthermore, the merits of our framework have adaptability, scalability, interaction and collaboration to aid greatly in the building of a Bluetooth formation.

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