Reliable Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

A. Dana, A.K. Zadeh, and S.H. Nasiri (Iran)


Ad hoc network, reactive protocol, fault tolerance, waiting time, and reliable node


The mobile ad hoc network is known as the structure which has not any central administrative system or special backbone. Errors are likely to happen due to the lack of infrastructure, the host mobility and factors like link instability so that they have more significant impact on the overall performance of the network, since resources such as bandwidth, time and power are limited. While focusing on correctness, the most of the protocols proposed in the last few years make less emphasis on error prevention, error correction and improvement of the network reliability .In spite of some relative improvements, none effective and acceptable method which can eliminate the faults in the network through the minimum time and low expense is being offered. We would address the problem of mobile ad hoc network fault tolerance by preparing reliable nodes scheme that reacts only on the emergency conditions and prevents from futile recovery actions. First of all, we study some fault tolerance techniques for the ad hoc network and their points of weakness. Then, we pay our attention on the influence of proposed method to clarify these weaknesses. Specifically, we have evaluated the factors such as success in fault recovery and waiting time in company with reliable nodes technique. The results of operational simulation prove the validity of this method.

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