Evaluation of the Dynamic Reconfiguration of Mobile IPv4 Agents in MANET

G. Amvame-Nze (Brazil), C.J. Barenco Abbas (Venezuela), and L.J. García Villalba (Spain)


MIP, MANET, DRMIPA, AODV, failure free agent.


This work presents a Dynamic Reconfiguration of Mobile IP Agents (DRMIPA) and failure free architecture integrated with Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs). Actual infra-structured networks do not implement the Mobile IP (MIP) protocol, all MIP agents are static and the cost of having redundancy of MIP agents is often high. We propose a solution that would allow the integration of MIP with MANET. Therefore, new algorithms and messages are presented for DRMIPA in MANET and, a performance analysis is done using the Network Simulator 2 (NS2) and a real world testbed scenario.

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