Indoor Propagation Modeling at 2.4 GHz for IEEE 802.11 Networks

R. Akl, D. Tummala, and X. Li (USA)


WiFi, Chisquare Statistic, Path Loss, Channel Modeling.


The purpose of this study is to characterize the indoor chan nel for 802.11 wireless local area networks at 2.4 GHz frequency. This work presents a channel model based on measurements conducted in commonly found scenarios in buildings. These scenarios include closed corridor, open corridor, classroom, and computer lab. Path loss equations are determined using log-distance path loss model and log normal shadowing. The Chi-square test statistic values for each access point are calculated to prove that the observed fading is a normal distribution at 5% signi´Čücance level. A numerical analysis of measurements in each scenario was conducted and the study determined equations that describe path loss for each scenario.

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