Behavior of the Symbol Error of Replica in the Canceller for VSAT Frequency Reuse Satellite Communications

H. Kobashi, M. Osato, T. Hara, M. Okada, and H. Yamamoto (Japan)


Satellite Communications, VSAT, Frequency reuse, Superpositioning, and Interference


On the frequency reuse by signal super-positioning in the satellite communications, it is required to generate precise signal replica to cancel the undesired signal from received one. As a simplified method of signal canceller for VSAT frequency reuse, we proposed the principle to get signal replica from the received signal by demodulating it in the previous study. We have further studied in this paper the effect of the symbol errors on the interference when demodulated signal is used for signal replica. If symbol errors are included in the data stream of generated replica, that means if generated replica is imperfect, error signals are caused by the canceller operation. The amplitude of the error signal corresponds to the difference between original received symbol and generated symbols. This error pulse is assumed as the remainder of cancellation and behaves as interference against the desired signals. In this paper, we made computer simulation for analyzing the effects of error pulses on the desired signal stream to verify the transmission performance of the multi-level PSK signals when such error are occurred.

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