Canadian Regulatory Developments on Active Medical Implants and Wireless Medical Telemetry

T. Lacombe, D. Warnes, H. Nappert, and J.-C. Brien (Canada)


Active medical implants, medical telemetry and regulations.


Active medical implants operate in the 402–405 MHz band and have been developed for a variety of medical applications, such as monitoring blood-glucose levels and regulating heart activity as well as treating epilepsy, obesity, incontinence and depression. Industry Canada recently proposed regulatory changes to allow new devices to operate in this band, which will accommodate the growing needs of active medical implants and encourage the development of new applications. Wireless medical telemetry is an important service that is used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to monitor vital patient signs, such as pulse and respiration rates, while granting greater patient mobility and increased comfort. Industry Canada has recently proposed to allocate new spectrum for wireless medical telemetry to accommodate the growing needs of medical telemetry applications and minimize the potential for interference by encouraging existing medical telemetry users to migrate to new bands.

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