Multi-level Cross Platform BSP Framework (MCBF)

T. Chen, X. Tian, and H. Dai (PRC)


BSP, CrossPlatform, MultiLevel, CPLI, CPLP


Multi-Level Cross Platform BSP Framework (MCBF) is a modeling methodology for building BSP. It is used to build a unified multi-level cross platform BSP architecture which is operating system independent. We can build an embedded operating system such as Linux, WinCE, PalmOS and Symbian on it. MCBF consists of two parts, one is initialization of boot loader and another is device drivers. In this paper, we discuss the design methodology and guidelines in detail, and illustrate it through an example of audio codec design on Intel XScale development board. This framework can accelerate the BSP development and simplify the maintenance work of a specified processor or SOC platform remarkably.

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