Advances of Object Oriented Environments: Modelling, Simulation and Control of Linear Pendulum in Stone Wool Production System in Modelica

B. Zupančič and J. Šink (Slovenia)


Object oriented modeling and simulation, Modelica, control system, stone wool production


Many modeling and simulation tools have a lack of object orientation. So it is not possible to build true reusable components. Modelica is on the other hand a nice example of OO modeling language which can become an international standard for model exchange. In our investigation the OO approach using DMOLA-Modelica was efficiently used for studying a pendulum system in a stone wool production technology in a Slovenian company. In this system linear (horizontal) movement of a bottom edge of the pendulum system is a very important technological feature in forming the secondary wool layer. The results showed different disadvantages of the current realization, when the whole system is driven by two motors, with pendulum drive and eccentric drive. Namely it is not possible to achieve horizontal movement and constant velocity of the lower edge of the pendulum. So a new solution with two linear instead of rotational drives was proposed. The simulation results showed that it is possible to achieve more appropriate movements with regard to position and velocity of the lower edge of the pendulum. Therefore we expect serious considerations about the reconstruction of the linear pendulum system.

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