3D Sign Language Mathematics in Immersive Environment

N. Adamo-Villani, E. Carpenter, and L. Arns (USA)


Virtual Reality, Sign Language Education, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, Virtual Learning Environments


In this paper we describe the development of a new immersive 3D learning environment to increase mathematical skills of deaf children. The application teaches mathematical concepts and ASL (American Sign Language) math terminology through user interaction with fantasy 3D virtual signers and environments. The program can be displayed in immersive devices and includes a gesture control system comprised of a pair of pinch gloves and a 6-degrees-of-freedom wrist tracker. Our application improves on existing examples of virtual learning environments for the hearing impaired in terms of: (1) high realism/fluidity of the 3D characters’ signing motion; (2) complexity of real time interaction between student and 3D avatars and environments; and (3) natural communication between user and application via a simple glove-based gesture control system.

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