Microgrid with Power Quality Compensator to Provide Premium Power

H. Laaksonen, P. Saari, and R. Komulainen (Finland)


Distributed generation, microgrid, power quality


This paper presents a way to achieve an improvement in the quality of power within the microgrid customers / load and also in the quality of currents flowing between the microgrid and the utility grid with the use of power quality compensator (PQC) with the master unit (battery storage + inverter) of the microgrid. PQC consists of a shunt and a series inverter. The PSCAD simulations done in this paper are done to find out if this kind PQC could act as a part of this master unit and which inverter/converter operation mode is needed to ensure frequency (and voltage) balance in islanded microgrid. Studied urban LV network microgrid consists of three different kind of distributed generation (DG) units: the master unit with PQC, inverter unit (Fuel cell) and one permanent magnet (PM) synchronous generator equipped with frequency converter.

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