Modeling and Analysis of Ethernet Performance through Simulation

Y.J. Singh (UAE) and S.C. Mehrotra (India)


Ethernet simulation, optimized values, correlation factor


For achieving high performance of any system does not depend only on using faster hardware device but also on improvements in architecture and processing techniques. With the large growing numbers of applications and users the exchange of the information is also increasing. Existing Ethernet systems have been investigated to see the effective utilization of the system to obtain higher performance with setting minimum changes. This study presents a detailed simulation study of an Ethernet. The experiment is mainly concentrated on maximum utilization of the system in a minimum delay time with a less number of collisions. The experimental results show the most effective and less effective parameters to the performance. A Correlation factor is introduced to understand the interdependence of the different parameters of the Ethernet. The importance of the nature of traffic and setting of performing parameter to appropriate values for optimum utilization are discuss.

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