Hand Motion Control Simulator Integrating a Muscle Model

M. Rougeron, A. Micaelli, and F.B. Ouezdou (France)


Muscle model, simulator, LCP optimization, control.


This paper presents a hand motion simulator integrating a muscle model in a real-time context. The motion of the three-fingered hand is generated by a set of 23 muscles, in serted on each bone. The objective is to reach a desired position of fingertips, controlling the system with all mus cle activations. First, we compute muscle forces having to be exerted for motorizing such a movement before comput ing activations that the nervous sytem must send to muscles for generating such forces. Thus, in the architecture of the simulation, inversion and optimization problems must be solved. To this end, we use a LCP technique and an al gorithm allowing real-time context. This work is part of a virtual human project, with the final objective of control ling a hand grasping objects. The simulator presented in this paper is an extensible set of tools, focused on the mus cle integration problem.

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