Implementation of Optical Tracker System for Marker-based Human Motion Tracking

A. Colahi, M. Hoviatalab, T. Rezaeian, M. Alizadeh, and M. Bostan (Iran)


Image processing, optical tracker system, human motion tracking, deinterlacing, modified direct linear transformation.


In this paper a complete design of a high speed optical human motion tracking system has been described for biomechanical human motion analysis and animation craft applications. The main core of the image processing unit that is implemented by the differential algorithm procedure and some intelligent and conservative procedures that facilitate the search algorithm have also been proposed and implemented for the processing of human motions tracking images. In the next step an optimized modified direct linear transformation (MDLT) method has been used to reconstruct 3D locations of markers as an input data for animation unit. The low computational cost and the high precision in detecting and reconstructing marker position, and the capability of capturing from any number of cameras to increase the domain of operation of the animator, has made the proposed method a reliable approach for real-time industrial applications, such as animation production and special effects.

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