Computer based Simulation of Bell 205 Helicopter Matlab-Simulink Model

E. Abdulhamitbilal, E.M. Jafarov, and L. Güvenç (Turkey)


Helicopter simulation, Flying qualities, MatlabSimulink, Piloted simulation, Bell 205.


In this paper, a computer based mathematical model for a teetering-hub, single rotor Bell 205 helicopter model is constructed with Matlab-Simulink. The helicopter model consists of a common core of rigid-body dynamics equations, main and tail rotors flapping dynamics and aerodynamics, a mathematical model that provides the aerodynamic forces and moments of fuselage and empennages, an Earth model to illustrate gravitational effect and atmospheric parameters, gust model to illustrate atmospheric disturbances and pilot inputs. A simulation is done for a high forward speed to investigate flying qualities of the modeled rotorcraft.

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